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For Compassionate Service Contact Us at
For Compassionate Service Contact Us at

Residential Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaners has been helping families and friends recover their homes from hoarding since 1999. Properties that are exposed to hoarding or long abandoned can suffer from severe damage and contamination. Our experts will quickly and thoroughly clean and decontaminate any property up to federal standards, in order to protect the property and current and future occupants.

Professional and Reliable

Whether you are a hoarder or know someone who is a hoarder — when you’re ready to get help, call Crime Scene Cleaners. Our job is to clean and sanitize to make your home safe and clean again.
Hoarding cleanups include hundreds if not thousands of items to search through. It can be a tedious task, don’t handle it yourself. Call Crime Scene Cleaners today!

For Compassionate Service Contact Us at:

 (816) 804-5446  or  (913) 353-4563

Crime Scene Cleaners

Phone: (816) 804-5446 / (913) 353-4563
Did you know, your homeowners'/car insurance will typically cover your bill when it comes to trauma cleanup?
We are Kansas City's oldest crime scene cleanup company.
Insurance: Typically trauma cleanup is covered by homeowners and car insurance...we will work with you and your insurance company.

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We are open 24/7