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For compassionate Service Contact Us at!
For compassionate Service Contact Us at!

Why Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime Scene Cleaners was established in 1999 to assist people in a time of need due to trauma, accidents, crime, or other means. Crime Scene Cleaners is a local Kansas City company dedicated to helping families and businesses of the Midwest when they need it most. Crime Scene Cleaners is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for a quick response to remove hazardous materials so your structure is safe once again.
It's important to let families know that our services exist, even in this day and age most people do not know the first thing about Bloodborne Pathogens and the dangers of not properly remediating them.
A family should not have to try a clean-up the scene themselves. The mental strain of trying to clean these types of situations alone can make the situation much worse than it needs to be. This can leave them at a high risk of anguish, depression, or worse, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
This type of cleaning requires a professional.
The most compassionate crime scene cleaners available.
You'll find peace of mind from our service.
A person not trained in the proper biohazard remediation field (which is most people) will not know how to properly take care of the situation, leaving anyone who enters the premises at risk. Crime and trauma cleanup requires much more than just a “surface” cleaning. Bodily fluids, like any other fluids, will run, seep and soak into flooring, subfloor, joists, etc. It’s never what it seems to be on the surface. A square foot of fluids on the top surface (carpet, hardwood, etc.) can run underneath flooring for multiple feet in any direction. We hear it all the time from families, police, coroners, etc., that “it’s not real bad,” that “it shouldn’t take long,” but after tearing up the flooring, fluids have spread out 8 to 10 feet underneath and have soaked into the subfloor or run under the base of the wall into the next room. It’s important to have professionals take care of these types of situations for these reasons.
Question? Who pays for these services? Most of the time Homeowners' Insurance will cover these types of losses under their policy. Once we arrive and get a scope of the scene we will go over with the customer what needs to be done and have them get in contact with their insurance company to see if there is any coverage. Typically when there is coverage, it will pay for our cost and the replacement cost of any part of the structure we remove (carpet, subfloor, ceilings, walls, etc.)
Last but not least, please take a small amount of time to research who you are choosing in your community. There are companies out there who are known for taking advantage of our local families in these traumatic situations. Our field is not cheap, but there is right and wrong when it comes to billing. These companies are charging between 20 and 50 thousand dollars for what should be two to ten thousand. Insurance companies are aware of who does this and when they receive the bill they can deny the claim. The company will then put a lien on the customer's home to collect their money. Let's not hurt the families any more than they already are during this time.
Crime Scene Cleaners takes pride in helping our community, please don't allow out of town or even local businesses to take advantage of these people.
Choose KC's oldest local crime and trauma cleaning company when it comes to helping your community.
You'll find peace of mind from our service.
The oldest crime scene cleaners in the Kansas City area.

For Compassionate Service Contact Us at:

 (816) 804-5446  or  (913) 353-4563

Crime Scene Cleaners

Phone: (816) 804-5446 / (913) 353-4563
Did you know, your homeowners'/car insurance will typically cover your bill when it comes to trauma cleanup?
We are Kansas City's oldest crime scene cleanup company.
Insurance: Typically trauma cleanup is covered by homeowners and car insurance...we will work with you and your insurance company.

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